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About the teacher

This is Ronald, our teacher, a native speaker from the Netherlands. He has been teaching Dutch for over 5 years now. In the beginning we also offered a 5-level Dutch course, and we've put a lot of time and effort into it, but over time Ronald learned that private lessons worked best for both himself and his students.

Ronald has studied educational theory and is experienced in creating learning materials. In the past he has worked for several companies specialized in developing educational products and projects for public schools and NGO's. For many years now he’s also been a language enthusiast. He’s mostly interested in Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Ronald is a teacher who's patient, friendly, helpful and open-minded.

About the lessons

We offer a specially designed Beginners Program for beginners in Dutch as well as customizable lessons for all levels. Our Beginners Program consists of private lessons that are given on the basis of our eBook »Simply Dutch: Dutch For Beginners. This eBook will be used as a textbook throughout the entire program. If you're new to Dutch is Easy and you want to participate in this program you can choose our discount package First Three Lessons + eBook. The customizable lessons we offer can be tailored to school assignments, special interests, goals, et cetera. If you have any requests as far as what the lessons should be focusing on then we'll be happy to grant it.

We offer your first three private lessons at a discount. These three lessons give you a bit of time to find out whether or not our way of teaching suits your learning style. It usually takes about three lessons to figure this out.

Basic Proficiency (Level A0/A1) | Beginners Program
If you're a beginner it might be a good idea to start with our Beginners Program. It will teach you all the basics and more to get yourself ready for the "real-world" exercises at level A1. You will go through 12 chapters with basics including verbs, adverbs, nouns, adjectives and even more advanced material. See our »eBook preview for the complete contents. When completing the program you'll be at level A1. And once you're at this level we will focus on all kinds of receptive (listening & reading) and productive (writing & speaking) language exercises, including reading and understanding texts, writing letters, notes, emails, et cetera. The number of lessons you'll need to go from A1 to A2 is relatively small.

Medium Proficiency (Level A2/B1)
If your level of Dutch is somewhere around intermediate we will focus more on the conversational part. That being said, we believe there should be a good balance between receptive and productive language exercises. Because a one-sided language exercise doesn't necessarily lead to mastery of Dutch. So we will continue to focus on all 4 language skills (listening & reading, writing & speaking). At this level we can also help you to get yourself ready for the inburgeringsexamen (integration exam) which is at level A2. Once you've mastered level A2 you'll be at the start of level B1.

High Proficiency (Level B1/B2/C1)
If your level of Dutch is upper intermediate or above we could focus on more technical conversation and writings (e.g. business letters, memos, reports) related to work, study or special interest. At this level we can also help you to get yourself ready for the staatsexamen program I and/or II (state exams Dutch as a second language (Nt2)). Program I is for those who want to work or study at the educational level mbo 3 or 4. This level is equal to level B1. Program II is for those who want to work or study at the educational level of bachelor or master. This level is equal to level B2.

The above-mentioned is just to give you an indication of what you can expect from the lessons. But all lessons can be customized to meet your needs.

A 60 minute lesson is not be the only thing we offer. We will also assign homework after each lesson. How much homework will depend on progress and availability. Learning a language can be fun, but also time consuming and sometimes even a little frustrating. So we will be keeping an eye on that, because we want you to keep having fun with Dutch!

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