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About Dutch is Easy

Here at www.dutchiseasy.com we focus on helping learners from around the world to learn and improve their Dutch.

After many years of training individuals of all levels, we thought it would be a good idea to separate grammar/vocabulary lessons and oral lessons. To learn Dutch grammar and vocabulary, one doesn't really need a private teacher, if of course they have the right tools. And with our video course Simply Dutch: Dutch for Beginners we think we provide these tools. Learners can now independently learn the basics themselves.

And if learners, mainly from Europe, need a private teacher to help them improve their conversational skills they can sign up for Dutch is Easy's private Dutch oral lessons.

For more information on oral lessons, visit www.dutchiseasy.com/private-lessons/home.

Dutch is Easy is registered in the Netherlands and established in 2013.
Business registration number:
KvK 60245638