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About the teacher

My name is Ronald and I’m from the Netherlands. I have been teaching Dutch since October 2013. In the beginning I also offered a 5-level Dutch course, and I've put a lot of time and effort into it, but over time I learned that private lessons worked best for both me and my students.

I've studied educational theory and I’m experienced in creating learning materials. In the past I've worked for several companies specialized in developing educational products and projects for public schools and NGO's. I'm also experienced in learning foreign languages. I've studied Chinese for a while and currently I’m studying Korean.

I'm a teacher who's patient, friendly, helpful and open-minded.

About the lessons

Everyone starts off with 3 lessons on discount (though it's not required). The main purpose of these first three lessons is for you to find out whether or not Ronald's teaching method suits your learning style. It usually takes about three lessons to figure this out. One thing is for sure though, the lessons can always be customized to meet your needs. Lessons can be tailored to school assignments, special interests, goals, you name it. During your first lesson we will also try to determine your level of Dutch. And whether you're a beginner, a college student at elementary level or a language enthusiast who achieved medium proficiency, all levels are welcome.

Basic Proficiency
Generally, if you're a beginner or at elementary level we usually pay close attention to grammar and vocabulary. It's hard to improve your language skills if you haven't been able to fully grasp the basics. However the lessons will not only focus on grammar. Personally we believe there should be a good balance between receptive (listening & reading) and productive (writing & speaking) language exercises.

Medium Proficiency
If your level of Dutch is somewhere between intermediate and upper intermediate we will focus more on the conversational part. But again, having a good balance between receptive and productive language exercises is important in our opinion. Because a one-sided language exercise doesn't necessarily lead to mastery of Dutch.

High Proficiency
If your level of Dutch is above upper intermediate we will focus on more technical conversation and writings (e.g. business letters, memos) related to work, study or special interest.

The above-mentioned is just to give you an indication of what you can expect from the lessons. However if you have any requests as far as what the lessons should be focusing on then we'll be happy to grant it.

A 60 minute lesson will not be the only thing we offer. We will also assign homework after each lesson. How much homework will depend on progress and availability. Learning a language can be fun, but also time consuming and sometimes a little frustrating. So we will be keeping an eye on that, because we want you to keep having fun with Dutch!

Business Info

Dutch is Easy
Registered in the Netherlands and established in 2013.
Business registration number:
KvK 60245638