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Private Dutch Lessons

If you're looking for a native Dutch teacher then you've come to the right place! Our teacher is from Holland and he's been teaching Dutch for more than 5 years. Click »here to learn more.

Dutch is Easy offers a specially designed Beginners Program for beginners in Dutch as well as customizable lessons for all levels. Our Beginners Program consists of private lessons that are given on the basis of our eBook »Simply Dutch: Dutch For Beginners. To learn more about our lessons click »here.

All lessons take place online on Skype. If you don’t have Skype yet, click »here to download it. It’s a free application. And only a headset or a microphone is required.

Students vote a rating anonymously (since June, 2018).

Why take private lessons?
You get full and undivided attention
It helps you to stay focused and motivated
You receive instant feedback

Item Length Fee
First 3 lessons 3X60 min 4000
First 3 lessons + eBook 3X60 min 4500
A single lesson 60 min 1700
eBook n/a 795
*Excl. EUR 0,75 cents per item if payment is made via PayPal

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If you're interested in taking private lessons and/or getting the eBook, or you have a question about it, please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. (Check »FAQ for basic questions and answers.)

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All fees are in Euro including VAT.

International currency (2019): €40 EUR (first 3 lessons) is approximately $45 USD and £34 GBP. €45 EUR (first 3 lessons + eBook) is approximately $51 USD and £38 GBP. €17 EUR (a single lesson) is approximately $19 USD and £14 GBP. €7,95 (eBook) is approximately $9 USD and £6 GBP. Please note that the exchange rate may change frequently.