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Private Dutch Lessons for Beginners and Beyond

Private Dutch Lessons

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With over 6 years of experience, I can help you to learn and improve your Dutch in no time. (Click »here to learn more about me.) Beginners will quickly go through all the basics they need in order to easily level up from A1 to A2. Intermediate and advanced learners will focus on all kinds of receptive and productive language exercises. But lessons can also be customized to meet your needs. Each lesson also comes with homework, usually in the form of writing assignments.

All lessons take place on Skype. If you don’t have Skype yet, click »here to download it. It’s a free application. And only a headset or a microphone is required.

Why take private lessons?
You get full and undivided attention
It helps you to stay focused and motivated
You receive instant feedback

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First 3 Lessons
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