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Private Oral Lessons Online

Dutch Speaking Lessons for Beginners and Beyond

Whether you're a beginner or not, I can help you to improve your Dutch speaking skills. (Click »here to learn more about me.) The lessons I offer are fully focused on improving your ability to speak Dutch. To master a language one needs to learn basically 4 language skills: receptive skills (listening & reading) and productive skills (writing & speaking). The lessons I offer focus mainly on improving speaking skills, but of course, at the same time, you will also improve your listening skills. And on top of that, you will also get to improve your reading skills. Let me explain below.

During my private lessons we will try to speak Dutch as much as possible, and this of course depends on your level. The more Dutch you understand, the more Dutch will be spoken. But sometimes, when Dutch words, sentences, questions aren't understood, I will use English to clarify. Or, depending on the situation, I will write down Dutch words or phrases in the chat box. There's also the possibility that I will explain some grammar. That being said, the private lessons I offer are mainly directed at speaking. Meaning, you will practice forming Dutch sentences on the fly. This is what improving productive (speaking) skills is all about. You will produce words and sentences yourself. This is a very useful and important part of learning a language.

Lesson Content
Depending on your level and needs the lessons could be covering the following:

But lessons can also be customized to meet your needs. Lessons can be tailored to school assignments, work, 'het inburgeringsexamen' (level A2), 'het Staatsexamen Nt2' (level B1/B2), et cetera.

Lessons are 45 minutes long and they take place online on Skype.* This app is free to use. And only a headset or a microphone is required.

Your First 3 Private Lessons are only €60 EUR! More info on pricing »here.

Why take private lessons?
You get full and undivided attention
Lessons are tailored to your level and needs
There's more schedule flexibility

* If you're using Windows, you probably already have Skype installed on your computer. This app is also available on MacOS, iOS, Android and more. You can also use Skype in your browser through

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Free Dutch Course

Dutch is Easy also offers a Free Dutch Course for beginners. This course is for anyone looking for a place online where you can independently learn the basics. And the basics entails grammar and vocabulary. Examples of grammar that will be discussed include verb tenses, pronouns, adjectives, nouns, question words and many more.

This course is brand new and starts off with the first level, which is Basic I, that contains your first 250+ Dutch words. The course consists of many lessons and exercises. All lessons are available for free. (Also in future levels.) The exercises however are offered for a fee.

Click »here to learn more and to create a free account.

Meet the Teacher

Hi! My name is Ronald, a native speaker from the Netherlands. I have been teaching Dutch for over 8 years now.

Before being active as a Dutch teacher, I studied educational theory and gained experience in creating learning materials and exercises. I worked for several companies that specialized in developing educational products and projects for public schools and NGOs.

For many years now I have also been a language enthusiast. I'm mostly interested in Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Learning other languages also helps me to understand better what language learners need in order to improve their language skills.

I consider myself as someone who's patient, friendly, helpful, sincere, solution-oriented and open-minded.


Please find my prices below.

Private Lessons Length Fee
First 3 Lessons 3 X 45 minutes 60 €75
Single Lesson 45 minutes 25
5-Lesson Bundle 5 X 45 minutes 110 €125

All fees are in Euro including VAT.
Payments are accepted by bank transfer (SEPA countries only) or by PayPal or Stripe.

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If you're interested in my lessons or you have a question about it, please send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. (Check »FAQ for basic questions and answers.)

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