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First 3 Lessons + eBook Only €45!


  • Do I have to start with 3 lessons?
  • If you want you can start with a single lesson, but unfortunately you won't be able to claim the 3 lessons at a discount after that.

  • Do I have to or can I take all 3 lessons at once?
  • Lessons are not longer than 60 minutes each/per day. You can however do a lesson every day if you wish.

  • How many lessons do I need to complete the Beginners Program?
  • How many lessons you need depends on all kinds of factors like age, your language(s), current level, etc. But on average it's about 10 lessons.

  • Do I have to complete the Beginners Program once it's started?
  • It's not required to complete the Beginners Program. You can quit whenever you want.

  • Can we use video during a Skype session?
  • It's not customary. The teacher prefers audio only, for the best sound quality possible.

  • How can I pay for lessons/the eBook?
  • Payments are accepted via PayPal or bank. More information about payment will be provided in email.

  • Is it possible to pay for a set of lessons in advance?
  • Yes, the first set of lessons is always your first 3 lessons at a discount. Afterwards you can pay for a smaller or larger set (for the regular price) if you wish.

  • If I'm not satisfied with the lessons, can I ask for a refund?
  • Yes, if you've paid for the first 3 lessons at a discount you may request a partial refund. If you've only taken one lesson out of three, you will receive 2/3rd of the discount price. If taken two lessons, you will receive 1/3rd of the discount price. If you've paid for a regular set of lessons in advance, you will receive a full refund for every lesson you have not taken.

  • Can I return the eBook after purchasing it?
  • The eBook is non-refundable. Once it has been sent by email we simply cannot re-claim the eBook after that.

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